Friday, November 13, 2009

Swings against the flow

Mood swings happen to all. But why is it that suddenly I feel that I am most affected. I take things much more seriously than I normally would. Is is just those hormones doing their thing again? Especially now that it is combined with the changes in the weather and a whole new country to go with it. Well, maybe it justs happens. To everyone I'm sure. It always takes time to settle down in a new place. Not that I'm gonna settle down here. But still, it's a new place, new people, far from home. You are given the benefit to get cranky sometimes. Though of course, not always. I guess I need to keep my cool, learn to get back to how I was soon enough. But still mood swings are good sometimes. You do need to take out the pressure inside you somehow. So till then. Soon I hope.