Monday, April 18, 2011

Breaking Free

I want to break free,

From bonds that held me tight

From the feelings that refused to let go

From the thoughts that made me stop.

I wanted to make my own choices,

Choose my own path, carve a niche for myself

While people loved to pull me towards their wishes,

Forcing me to dream their dreams.

It’s all so easy to be bogged down,

To give up and say goodbye,

To all things dear to you, to all things you care.

Your aspirations, your goals, everything which makes you YOU.

Ever since I started to dream,

Ever since I tried to fly,

I only found boundaries and limits, rules and curfews,

Someone to stop me, hold me back against my dreams.

Life seemed all so simple before,

When I never knew what I wanted,

When I felt content with every bead in my string,

When I never asked “Why not?”

And that’s where it all started,

A simple question, a small doubt,

A growing argument, a never ending fight,

A terrible silence, with people who loved me the most.

I want to dance till my legs ache,

Sing till my throat sores,

I just want to laugh loud, only wanted to cry,

From the bottom of my heart.

I want to see the rising sun, feel the first rain,

I want to live the way I wish to,

I want to fly away, break free, just be myself,

For that simple moment called Life.