Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bidding Goodbye

I never knew it would be so difficult to leave, especially when I had been in it just for a year. To say goodbye to a city though I was never in love with it and was waiting to get out. But as I pack up my bags and get ready to bid adieu a string inside pulls me back, makes me wanna stay a few minutes longer, a few moments more. I might never get the attention that I always got here, not the care that all around me showered upon me, because now as I leave this town I'm a year older, a little more mature than how I was when I first stepped in. Then it was all a wonder, those big 747's, the never ending corridors of Frankfurt, the huge glass buildings, cubicles where I could sleep in, the white lady who softly melted on my fingertips, speeding cars, amazing drives on the winding Interstates, displays that tricked to shop even if I dropped, the deals I checked online, the weather alerts on my desktop, maps i consulted on every travel. I could go on and on. On wonders this country offered me. It was different totally and it should be. I was 8800 miles away from my birthplace and on the other side of the world where the sun sets only at 9 at night but makes sure to rise at 5 every day. I was in a different sphere altogether and I enjoyed the changes it brought with it. I loved the attention I got here, the smiles on everyone's face, the tidings I received even from strangers, the life in each and every individual. So when I leave it all to go back home, while one part of me smiles at the thought of the chaats back home, the other weeps silently for having to let go.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Usure poguthey Usure poguthey..

One man's fall from infalliabilty. Another man's love in the midst of his robin hood life which leads to his downfall. One woman's boldness to look at hatred in the eye and turn it into love. A village's love for its redeemer in spite of his appearance to the outside so-called constitutional society. A sister's love for her brother which forces her to give up her honor. A brother's love for his sister which fuels his anger to take revenge for the blood she shed. The cunningness of a husband to manipulate his wife thus leading him to his prey. The movie showed what I always believed in. Imperfection in the perfect man and a handful of sincerity in the notorious one. The defiance of a wife against the mistrust of her husband. The love which was ready to let go just for the other to be happy. A modern version of an age old epic. The way it would have occurred had the characters existed today. Or it could have easily been a different angle on the most-heard about story in Indian mythology. The view from the villain's stand. The fall of the God. The same old good vs evil fight but this time the balances are swinging so vigorously that you will never have an idea as to which side was good and which side evil. Hats off to the genius for making another epic in his journey towards making meaningful cinema. This may be treated differently by people from different walks, but his Genius has just become stronger.

Raavanan - One person's deviation, one film's fall

And the song remained in my lips from thence forth. But it was not just the music that did the trick. Of course we cannot discredit Rahman with the genius he had poured into the movie. But that was not the only point that pulled me in. It was not just one genius who pulled through an awesome take on an epic that has been the folklore of India for ages, which has been entwined into the history of a country which would do anything to protect their culture, their beliefs, their Puranas. It was not a one-man show as could be seen in each detail that made sure the movie made its mark and stamped it right where it could not be not be overlooked. It was a blend of the best artists that my country had produced, a director known to have only made the best movies which were well ahead of his time, a music director who was now world renown, a cinematographer who was equally acclaimed in his field, choreographers, and of course actors old and new who delved so much into their character that the real person disappeared beneath the facade.
In such a power-filled environment a small mistake, a simple deviation from the whole would have broken the entire perfection that was build up. And this is exactly what happened in Raavanan. One man missed his act, lost his focus and delivered it wrong, at least did not deliver his perfect or his best, or even half his best, and that is where Raavanan slumped down. The entire effort had been put in with focus on 3 main protagonists and one of them slipped down, lost the chance to make his mark and pulled the entire movie down with him. There can be no comments made on how the movie would have turned out had he done his best just like the rest of them. The fact remains that he didn't and that is how the movie is now going to be viewed world-wide and everyone will feel just like most others did today. It was an awesome story but the soul was missing. And this just shows as to how much a single flaw could weaken an entire building. When the cornerstone is not set, nothing else matters.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Minutes to Ravanan

Usure poguthey usure poguthey udhayte née konjam suzhikayile....
Listening to karthik's voice to ARR'a music. That's how I'm doing my wait for the most hyped about movie in Indian cinema. Raavan and Raavanan releasing on June 18th world over. And lucky that I am it is releasing here too, in Denver, just an hour's drive away from me. The time difference had made sure that my Indian friends get to see it a day earlier than I did, but I'm not complaining. Well I dint even think I might get to watch it today. But as I wait I remember that day I'm gurgaon where we got to watch a Tamil movie after so long a time and how it felt, how the crowd cheered and whistled and commented, for every word that came out. How it felt like I was back home, back in chennai. And now I wonder, will it be the same here. In spite of all changes, the different culture and the rigid discipline that these seemigly have, will I be lucky enough to hear the cheers n shouts again? In Denver?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Blogging thru the iTouch

After mailing, chatting, facebook and twiterrific now I've got something else that I can try using my iTouch. Blogging. And this being my first post let me just describe how it feels to use this and express what I feel. Maybe it's more like now I don't need to switch on the comp or wait to get to office to express what I feel. I just need the net and I'm good to go, ready to put up anything I feel as and when I do it. Well it is quite different than typing something in the keyboard and my iTouch doesn't seem to make me feel awesome each time I try to type something using the skin of my fingers. Oh yes! Apple doesn't work with the finger nails or even gloved hands. It needs ur skin to make any sort of action possible on it. And adding the out of the world display n feel each moment with it makes me feel special.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Looking back after 2 months

The last post I had written here was when I first stepped into this country, a lone girl in a foreign place, no family, no friends. Scared?? Like hell I was! With a whole 3 months ahead of me, I really didn't know what would become of me in the bargain. But I had taken the step and so had to face it. Two months down and I can say I'm still sane, which means I survived. And it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Each day I just found something more. I could survive quite easily in new surroundings. I embrace change, though I show out that I hate it, I could adjust to a new place, new people and totally new environment without much ado! I was bored in the beginning, but then I kept myself busy, so much so I don't have time for myself now. I learnt new stuff, saw quite a few changes in me(though I still am the unpunctual,Miss Procrastination) and opened my eyes more to the wonders the village I was in beheld. I found people who were so ready to help me out each time I needed it, that most times I never knew how I got so lucky. Whether to drop me home, get me great home cooked food, give a ride to the airport or even a small shopping endeavor. I had company for everything which made sure I was never lonely or out on my own. I opened doors to a whole set of new exercises I would never have had the chance to try back home, be it dance or yoga. I never missed the television because my ever-willing-to-help roomie gave me a free Netflix card to keep me busy for the entire time that I would be here. Maybe I just got lucky! I just had too much help that let me settle in here. But I do know that its always the first time that's the most difficult. And it feels nice to have made it. Now as I look back, I see a different me going back home, hopefully for the better. Next time I hope they send me Europe. :D