Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bad time for Common Cold

And that is just now! What with all the news of swine flu on the run, one sneeze and the entire population stare at you like you just killed someone! I just experienced that right now and I can't say how it feels. you should be there to know it all. To my bad luck I got the cold at the wrong time(yday), in the wrong place(bangalore) and sneezed in the wrong environment(railway station). With all and sundry already with masks across their noses, I could sense the apprehension when I so simple as said 'acchoooooo' right there. Already common cold has its own irritation, and on top of it now you would have to bear with the cold stares from people rather than sympathy that this malady formerly generated. So much for just a sneeze!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hogging hogging and more hogging!

Home for four days and all I've done is hog food like there's not gonna be a tomorrow. Breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner. I've had the best that could ever be got following a full course meal starting with the cruncher and ending with a pudding. Fish, chicken, beef, mutton. Name it and its all there on the table, waiting to be devoured upon. And I'm scared of getting back to work tomorrow cos I know I will be frowning at all things on the plate. Who will not after being in luxury for so long. My parents and relatives are spoiling me dead. And not I expect the best of everything. Oh that fried fish with sauce...hmmmmm!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The long-awaited Marriage.

The last time I remember getting so excited for a mariage was for Benita's, over two years back. And then too it had nothing to do with clothes and stuff. I was just excited to go to Kerala and meet my cousins and spend time with them. But this time it seems more than that. For those who have not much idea, most marriages in India are like a festival. But a christian wedding, especially a Malayalee christian's is the most simple among all in the country. In sipte of it we look forward to it and have so many plans going into it, then just imagine the rest of the sects! And this is like that of a guy who I literally grew up with. Though over the years we went our separate ways, there was a time when he was someone I loved a lot, adored to the hilt. And he is finally getting married. And well from getting my sari to deciding which hairstyle to sport I'm like meticulously planning each detail, making sure it's the best. Of course he bought me a sari, but the rest of the choices are mine and I want it to match the sari's style. So how will I look on the D-day, how on the previous dinner. Getting compliments is something all like. Can I be left behind!? It was when my mom joined me in making sure I chose the best to wear that I understood. The excitement is infectious and not just limited to the younger generation. The most awaited event in the Broadway church, Chennai. A marriage is not just a family event in our church. Especially not when the people involved are like deep integrated within the church. And the countdown begins here. 5 days to go!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

When someone misses you...

It's not always that people tell me they miss. Or should I put it like, People tell me they miss me and they mean it! But yes. Last night when I got this message from someone I thought was just considering me as another person in his life, I seriously didn't know how to react. Especially when just the previous day I had felt all lost and lonely in this big bad world. But finally I just smiled. A smile that was eluding me for over many hours. A smile after long hours of sleeplessness and tears. Just a small tiny message can have so much effect and well I really felt special. I've always wanted to know if I make a difference to any person's life. If my absence will ever be of effect. And when someone actually tells you that they miss you, you know how much they mean!! I felt and I loved it. It made me feel worth living. It made me finally understand that being myself is just the best thing I could ever do.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another indepenedence day

Seems like just another day. But no it is an important day in every Indian's life. It is our independence day. Something for which our forefathers gave their lives and fought every second. Just so that we could enjoy the freedom which they were not entitled to. And yet its all lost on us. You have programs on TV, people hoisting flags, but the importance is just not the same. For most it's another holiday. For those who still have work its just another day. I remember looking forward to this day when in school just cos it meant a day off on a weekday. And then I slowly remember getting the patriotism when watching "Roja", the most famous movie of those times, and of course during a cricket match. But then was that that was to be for an independence day. No one will ever know the true meaning, and so no one can even say which is the true spirit. After all we were all born well into the independent India era, not even in the least way affected. Every thing we do will not be enough gratitude for our ancestors. But a simple thought might be good too. Learn to respect the freedom you've gained. Learn to value it.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not really jobless

Hey. I'm back again after longggg. And ya really long. But then I'm not actually jobless now. have loads to do on my kitty. But I just wanted to make some time out. Just for me. And when I finally put up this blog page on twitter I remember that I better come in and check it at least now. The last entry I wrote here was months back. So here's one so that they don't chuck me out of this community. not that they would Hell!! I was a valuable blogger. Anyways. That's it for now. Let me see if I can make more time when I get back home this weekend. Till then Ciao!