Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just looking..

Sunday morning 09.45 am: Concluding the Church service the priest makes announcements along with his comments on how his parishers should handle their spiritual life. The girl, her usual restless self, searches for any unfamiliar face in the family of familiar faces. And that's when she sees him. Indifferent to what was happening around him and despite all the annoyed stares cast on someone who defies the norms, the boy sits along the corridor parapet, musing over something. She shrinks her brows, turns to her mom and whispers something. And while the priest was teaching his people how to behave in the church the mom leans forward to give the boy a moment of her time. She lets out a comment and grins to add on. The girl giggles and they both go return back to the priest's discourse.
Sometime later 09.50 am: The priest repeats his stuff over and over again like a broken record and the girl loses interest. She turns back to the other side scans through the crowd and in the course through the window sees the guy again, only this time he looks up at the same instant and their eyes lock, for that brief second. He smirks, she frowns and turns back to face the altar.
Further down 09:55 am: "Now why the hell was he looking at me?" and the girl turns back to see if that eyes are still looking and truly enough there they are, the smirk now turning to a smile, more like one from amusement. The girl gets more annoyed and turns back and they both get to their own worlds, probably never to meet again.
Something I've experienced so many times and felt so amused about. The fact that one look in which both parties for that second lock eyes soon turns to be one where the stares continue maybe with each one trying to see if the other is still looking. Now that is how it starts always. You walk on the street looking here and there, at buildings, at animals and of course at people. But at some moment if the person your eyes chanced upon also chanced upon you, there comes the crux. You start thinking why he was 'staring' at you(of course you forget you were 'looking' at him too). It's funny how when you look it's just a look and when they do it's a stare. Then you wonder if he is 'staring' at you right now. And you turn back. At the same time this person might have thought the same thing and he turns back too. There you go. Both look/stare again! And this goes on and on and on, till you are out of sight! It mainly humors me to know that if this was taken forward with a 'hi' with regular conversations and finally a relationship people would actually be calling that first look as "love at first sight". And I start counting how many of those I have already missed!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

And He was there..

He was never someone I knew much,

He was never someone I cared,

But somehow somewhere sometime in life,

He entered in to change my each day.

To show me the way to be care-free,

To speak my mind and play,

To show me how beautiful it would be

If I decided to live life my way.

He taught me how to love myself,

To be proud of what I am,

To never lose hope come what may be,

To never cry out aloud.

He joked, he laughed, chided and smirked,

Always there when I needed him most.

I can never say thanks in enough terms,

To that first love my self had found.

When life is down and going wrong

When I think I’ve faltered all and all,

When I have no one for miles beyond,

All I need to do is just stretch out.

And there he’ll be just at hand’s reach

To make me smile, to make my day,

To sing and laugh in his own sweet way.

To bring me back, to make me sane.

It may not mean anything to many,

A simple song that's no more a melody,

But deep down I know in all those days,

He was always there, all ready to care.