Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dangerous 'Hi'

A simple word, an innocent smile, a careless brush, a sudden look. All that is needed to start a relationship, any for that matter, is just a simple beginning. And as you tread deeper down, the way it evolved ends up being a mystery.
All through my simple and extremely short life I've met a whole lot of people, each different from another and at each point I've felt enough is enough; my small brain won't be able to handle any more! But the world smiles back and says "you've not seen anything yet!". And then I exchange a smile with another stranger and the person is never a stranger again.
But why do I do that without a thought? Why do I so easily welcome people into my life, knowing that even a small tremor in my carefully built world will cause a long term havoc to my being? Why do I trust so easily in spite of all I've seen? And why is it that after it all gets over I still believe in the goodness in people?
I might never be the one to start the conversation, but I've always welcomed the ones that are directed to me with nothing less than the widest smile I could conjure up. Even if for a second I never give it another thought. Who is this person, where did they come from, what they mean to the world, what the world means to them! Because at that moment I just needed an outlet to listen to my rantings, to tell me theirs, and I just don't bother who is standing there ready to be of service! And little do I know that soon after when I start to wish that we had just been 2 strangers never crossing others paths, the damage will be already done.
It's not that I won't do that mistake again. I know I'll step out into the street tomorrow and exchange a smile with yet another person and the cycle starts again. Still for that moment I do wonder why that 'hi' had to ever be exchanged. And that's when I remember a sweet saying "Life never gives you the people you want.. It gives you the people you need.. To teach you, to hurt you, to love you, to confuse you, to mold you and to make you exactly what you ought to be.. The Best!". And I smile. Maybe at this moment I wonder why you were written on my pages, but sooner I would know for sure!