Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 50 days lent.

During my younger days this was just a terrible period every month when we had to say no to my favorite food items all for the love of Christ (as my mom had put it). I never knew why, what it meant, except the fear that if I didn't I probably may be cursed. Years later I did it voluntarily because I needed favors from him. I used to think that if I took this lent I would be blessed with this, that and all the worldly things I asked for. The child in me didn't know that God's love didn't work that way, and that all my blessings all through life was not because I refrained from eating animals! But because He loved me. Now that I'm past all of that, why do I still take it. Because I feel this is a reason for me to have control over stuff that he does not like. Because I know that if I can try and control it for 50 days at a stretch I can easily do that for 6 months, for a year and maybe for a lifetime. And that's the entire reason. To make me live the way He wants me to live, to follow the path He has laid out, to finally reach Him as His little princess. I'm not perfect. And I have not been able to control most things in this 10 days itself. I've lost control many times, but I'm trying. That's the whole big deal. To try and try till you succeed. After that there's no looking back. I might have understood the need for lent quite late in life. But I'm glad I did now. My needs are still selfish. It is so that I can be better. But then I'm sure now it matches with what my Lord above wants too.