Monday, May 11, 2009

Staying Away..Being Independent..

I believe everyone should live away from their parents for few days, especially before their mid 20's get over. Because it's only then that you understand where true love and concern lies. When you stay with them though you do understand, you don't fully gt to grasp what you are enjoying. Which can be seen when you finally leave them and settle on your own. The you'll know how much you've taken for granted in these numerous. The constant care you get from their side will be much more than all the tit-bits that you get from all around you. And you'll be able to experience it first hand. You'll see that you may expect a lot of things from the many people around, but the only one who exceeds all your wildest expectations will be your parents. In their own sweet way which will beat all comparisons they triumph. And then you understand why parents are equalled to God in many places. Why this relationship is given more importance than any other the world over. After all be thankful that there are still relationships in the world that don't require you to stretch out your hand to revel them.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting back home

Well its a lovely feeling and though I'm like doing it every now and then in recent days, each day I get back the feeling is the same. Of being back to the place where I took my first step, where I made my first friends, which provided me all the good things in my life and always there to console me during my bad times. Well, why won't I feel nostalgic. After all it's my hometown. And it not only drives me crazy each time I step here. It makes me feel wanted, adored, welcomed with more and more warmth(literally too!!) every day. Getting back home is always amazing. And its different each time!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are women the only reason?

Is it always women who are the reason for a break-up? Is it just us who don't understand what love is all about, what feelings are all about? People say that women don't understand, they don't feel in love, they are not true. If they don't know what love is all about, how can they love their children. their husband, their parents, their family. Is that not love also? Is it just that intimate feeling that two people of the opposite sex(nowadays even same sex) feel for each other that's love. Not anything else. And every time a break-up occurs, how is it that the girls are blamed. 's always the guys who are true, staying till the end. And the girl who cheats. Does she really cheat? How come most people just don't understand. The girl, when she makes a decision, doesn't think only about herself. She places her family, her friends before herself, her own happiness. And that is why in many cases you see that the girl goes off, in such cases, the main reason being due to her parents, her family whom she always gives top priority. Is it wrong? Maybe to the wronged party, but not for her family. She's upheld their name, not let them down in front of the society, which is ready to point out such faults quickly. She is selfless, she is self-sacrificing and that is why she is a woman. Sweetly taking up all the you give her without a word of protest, ready to give up all that she's ever lived for and loved for, for smiles on the people around her. The more you blame her the more you'll love her. Well, that is a gift no other creation has got. She is God's favorite jewel.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why fall in love?

There are times I wonder why people even fall in love. And how come once they fall in even when they find it getting beyond their limit they manage to stand and hold on. All this inspite of them knowing that they are very much unhappy in the relationship that they are in. Or is it that all relationships are quite as difficult? Fighting over simple matters, creating havoc in the other person's mind, spoiling the day for both the parties, tears unlimited on each side and then falling in love all over again. Sounds nice when verbally uttered as in all cases. After all its easy to say when we are not involved and only looking at it from a distance. But then what about those who are into it. Are those few minutes of pleasure worth the hours of constant fights? Questions galore. Maybe easy for me to ask, because I've just not fallen in love!! How will someone who hasn't known the depth a relationship holds ever have knowledge enough to comment about it? But still the more I think about it I wonder if I would have ever been able to handle all this. Well, maybe that's why I'm not in love!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Whiling away time when it comes

Three months of slogging hard trying to make sure you are in your job. And then sitting simply put for the next three months..!! Oh yes! I've experienced all that and more. In some ways it does remind me of college. There were days in which we used to laze around so much with absolutely nothing to do. And then the exams set in and 24 hours is not enough in a day. And then i decide I need to do some useful work when I have the time. Only to lose interest when the time actually comes. I'm back doing nothing at all with lots of time on hand! Well that's life, or more apt to say, that's how yours truly works..!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back Again..Not sure if with a Bang..!!!

Seven months is quite a long time. And I don't know how much I have missed out in this time. But now that I have come back. It just shows that i missed this entire portion of my life. Ive been here since the start of last year, penning down each feeling I had every time I have it. And the past months without having an outlet to set it all out, know I did miss this a lot. Blogging can never be just that. Its what I would call a public diary. A place where I come and publish to the world what I feel, what I care about, what makes me ME. And Im back here, to do it, all over again if the need be, but to do what i love the most, writing. After all im a born blogger!!!

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