Sunday, April 11, 2010

My first step into the New World

I had been here before, same project, same client. I could say I knew most stuff about this city in and out. I had traveled from the east to the west coast, up north to down south, done a road trip, met a minor accident, got caught with cops, lost my senses, played tennis in temperatures as low as -10C, went walking during a winter storm, drove a dodge avenger on the roads of Detroit, felt the rain on New York Streets, the wind in Chicago and sea breeze in San Francisco. Of course there was a major part of the country I had not set foot into but the fact remained. I was as at ease taking a metro in NYC as I was doing the same in Delhi.
And still in spite of all the familiarity when I was told to come all the way here again, but on my own, it did make me reconsider, wonder whether I need to do this, whether I need to come all this way on my own. It's the safest place in the US of A, that's what many said, nothing to fear especially since I knew the people I'd be working with, I knew the routes and knew where to get what. But in spite of it all, staying for three months in the quietest place I had ever seen, with no friends and so far away from home? Now that was a question I had to ponder for long. And when I finally had been done with all my confusions, I decided to plunge into it, because I had always been the one ready to move out, explore new things and find out how more beautiful the world could be. I wanted to see how these mountains looked without the white paint on them. I wanted to walk on those streets without any winter jackets on. But most important, I wanted to gain the confidence that I could survive in a foreign land all on my own. I wanted to reassure myself that if I could travel half the world away from home and still enjoy, I could do anything in this world. I was independent, I was free, I was the girl I wanted to be. And though the fears inside me are still trying to pull me down I could lift myself up from them, show out that I was strong despite all the weakness within me, that I was here to win against all.