Saturday, January 14, 2012

No More Words

Words sting worse than actions. And especially when they're are written words, they stay for posterity, until erased off or deleted, for the affected to revisit till it gets ingrained in thier hearts. Like a birthmark, never to go. From time immemorial we have learnt of wars fought, kingdoms lost, civilizations destroyed all because of the ill-used words. And still we don't learn. When God created Man, he gave him a major boon.. or so He thought. The mouth. And then Man created words.
Life is all so simple and uncomplicated when you don't know to speak, when all that you said were just words which made no coherent sense. At that time, it was all cute to everyone's ears. And finally when it started making sense, you're talk becomes senseless, your words become meaningless, your thoughts become heartless.
And you finally understand how it was all so better when you just didn't talk. When all you did was smile at people and get back home to talk to that pillow on your bed. At least you didnt have to touch up your grammer, tone your accent or prune your words to make sure it was not hurt!