Saturday, September 19, 2009

When you just don't know!

There are some moments in life when you don't know why you're doing what you're doing. I get into such many times and at these moments I've learnt not to think, to just do what I feel at the moment. The problem is, I feel so much for it later. I think about it later and muse about it continuously till I finally get over it. Is it good? Well I don't know and that's jut it. I seriously don't know. But why do I bring myself to this point. Why don't I think about stuffs at that moment? Why did I just do what I did? Never thinking about how it will affect the others around. How much hurt they will be when they know what I've done. I didn't think then. And if it had been allowed it just could have reached the point of no return. Like that! What am I even thinking? In clearer terms, why don't I even think!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Make up after a Break up

Why do people even fight? That was a question I always used to wonder. Every time I see close friends fighting it out I used to wonder, 'How the hell do they fight knowing each other so well' and the next minute even before you go to solve it out they are back again, as if nothing at all happened. And you end up being a fool for even having poked your nose into that muddle. And I learnt that when two people have a problem, the best thing to do is act dumb about it. Cos at the end they do make up. After all in spite of all the differences and the stupid fights, they are meant to be together. And if you actually take close look at these you might understand that's actually needed, sometimes to strengthen the relationship, sometimes to pep it up and sometimes maybe cos God does not want them to be more close than he is. Plain jealousy huh? Seems funny, but then life itself is! So back to what I had started out on. I don't know much about people getting closer after a fight. But I've seen lots of people who were close getting into a fight. I guess the emotions and expectations just get too high then. I remember my first fight at the age of 3 with my then best friend. Now it might seem a stupid as it did then to my parents. But being the stubborn girl I was, my parents had to literally drag me to this girl's house just to ask a simple sorry. I had broken her earring and I was too embarrassed to even look at her. But I'll never forget the innocent joy she exhibited on seeing me there and even lifted me up unable to control it. That's what happens when you're kids. You break up and make up so easily with just one word or sometimes with just a smile! I can see fights growing with each passing year and the different ways in which they were solved, the intricacy just increasing with the passing years. Many times it just needed a sorry that I didn't say. At other times it needed a full explanation, and sometimes just a opening up. Whatever it is, I'm learning lots on the way. It's never too late to make up but still why wait till its late?