Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And He laughed and laughed and laughed..

I watched the kites fly with the wind
And teased their dearth for a will to rebel.
I wrote my name along the shore
And challenged the waves to strike its core. 
While He simply watched and laughed..

I guarded my words, I guided my steps
Lest perfection lost way, lest the clown within trips.
I refused words that soothed, the hand that calmed
Being way too strong, beyond hurt never wronged.
And yet again He watched and laughed..

I painted the world in black and white
I carved my beliefs with an iron-willed might.
I felt no stutter, no stumble, no sway
I walked head held high and feet slightly on air
This time He watched and smirked..

When the time came nigh for Him to show
How wrong I was, how life changed its flow.
He did so with that smile intact
A gentle hand to hold me tight.
While I stood there struck in awe.

He stopped the rebel, He crushed the ego
He taught me to be free, be full, let go
To accept the help, stretch out my hand
Fall to the earth, make peace with the land
Confused I watched the me grow..

.... I just re read and found my last para as totally crappy. Trying to find a way to end it.. Till then let it be incomplete.. :)