Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Revelations 2013

It's easy to smile when you're future is not really clear. It's easier when you all your beliefs point towards good times. It's easiest when you for sure know it's going to be awesome. But what when your heart shouts out loud that it's going to be downhill, that things might just get worse, though its still uncertain you don't seem to see any flicker of a hope of good times? I guess then you're allowed to feel down and depressed, you're allowed to sound like a different person, you're allowed to act weird and closed.. after all it's your life that seems so bleak.

But does that mean you forever stay that way? When that happens it is a shock, especially since you're not prepared for it. You envision your life to be a bed of roses and suddenly you find that roses have long been outsold. But then, life goes on. You see a different perspective, try a different formula, its a change in the course of your otherwise insane life. And what do you do? Just like the fish you adapt. You change, try different styles and finally settle on something which makes you happy and keeps you safe in your new home. You don't survive, you are not born to survive. You were born to Live.