Thursday, November 1, 2012

..Bcos the entire universe conspired to help me find you..

Its funny how some people leave such an imprint on your life, and you shudder to think that a moment's lapse and you would have missed them forever. He was one of them. Though there are quite a number of special people you know happened to you in such moments, he tops them all simply because he was the one I thought of when I heard this line. That is how much he played a role in my life. And he would have slightly never been there.
We were in the same city together for a quite significant portion of our lives, walked the same roads, probably even crossed paths, never to even give the other a second glance. Fate intervened enough to keep our lives to just a mile apart but we never cared to try. It took us more years and many more miles to discover each other in the most convoluted way. A guy randomly held his hands out to me and I reluctantly slipped mine into them just to be pulled into a vortex from where there was no return. And right somewhere near the middle of this never ending whirlpool I chanced upon him.
Avana pathi naan enna solla....
I am not here to describe him, I wouldn't even try to. Every day I see something new, something different, each day is a discovery of who he is. From the first moment when he pinged me to the last ping I sent him every moment has been a journey. Of laughter and tears, of discussions and arguments, of complaints and consolations, of insane and insensible rants, of crazy theories and impossible philosophies, of secrets that somehow just make their way out of a dark and deep slumber. Its not that he needed to be there for me, its not that I needed to be there for him. I was there, so was he and somehow it made sense to be there for the other. At certain points in life you just need a ear, probably a feeling that someone was listening, someone was concerned, someone cared. Because at the end of the day your problems are for you to solve, no matter what the solution the world tries to give. But still for that moment when all you want to do is shout or sing or simply blabber, you're glad someone had the patience to listen. I'm glad you did.